As a leading M&A advisory firm, Big Change works with clients – both acquirers and sellers – on an in-depth level. We gain a thorough understanding of their objectives, whether they are looking to increase profits, diversify revenue, reduce expenses, recruit higher-quality employees, or expand into new markets.

We do a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the current environment and competitive landscape and pinpoint the challenges clients face in meeting their objectives. From there, we create and implement a strategy to not only achieve those goals, but also reap benefits that clients may not have considered, such as greater buying power, employee and customer benefits, streamlined operations, and tax incentives.

Big Change offers a range of services to provide a one-contact, turnkey solution for achieving business goals:

Mergers & Acquisitions

On the buy side, mergers and acquisitions can empower companies to grow, beat competitors, and consolidate resources, creating synergies for new and existing clients and employees, and boosting the bottom line. On the sell side, M&A can free up capital, increase sales opportunities, and reveal new synergies in operations, bandwidth, and growth.

Big Change Advisors helps businesses zero in on corporate goals for acquirers and sellers and implement the best strategies to achieve them.

For acquirers, Big Change identifies qualified targets, evaluates potential outcomes, and provides the credibility to make critical introductions. For sellers, Big Change ascertains the best offers and outcomes, keeping the seller’s interests always in the forefront, and helps formulate sound exit strategies.

For both, Big Change handles negotiations, structures deals, reviews agreements, and conducts due diligence at every stage. Big Change explores and clarifies potential wins and losses from the financial, operational, legal, and executive viewpoints. And post-integration, Big Change stays at the table proving ongoing support levels, and ensuring deals are intact and goals are achieved.

Capital Sourcing

For businesses to expand, enter new markets, and even stay competitive, a sufficient level of capital is imperative. Cash flow, cash sales, credit sales, trade practices, and inventory all affect the amount of capital reflected on a balance sheet and whether businesses are poised for organic or inorganic growth, or for being acquired to create greater opportunities.

Big Change Advisors helps businesses determine how much capital they have and how much can be projected, based on current performance and market trends. From there, Big Change helps businesses identify optimal partners who can infuse working capital and/or debt to empower businesses to reach their goals. Big Change helps deliver wins for all parties, and provides ongoing oversight and support to ensure outcomes stay on track.


Big Change Advisors has expertise representing both the buy side and sell side of financial transactions. In addition, Big Change leaders have experience across executive strategy, finance, and operations. As such, Big Change knows what deals are optimal, what synergies can be uncovered, and the long-term value both buyers and sellers can achieve through a transaction.

Businesses count on Big Change to be the point person and ensure their best interests are always identified and pursued. Big Change’s negotiation expertise is apparent in every aspect of transactions:

  • Definitive agreement review, including employment agreements for key personnel and facility leases
  • Deal structuring
  • Final closings
  • Overview and oversight


Part of business success is knowing where you stand against others. Without regular and thorough benchmarking, businesses cannot know where improvements could be made, and whether opportunities for revenue growth, expansion, and costs reductions are available.

Big Change Advisors provides comparable company analysis and M&A transaction analysis of companies across all industries. From there, Big Change helps businesses better position themselves to meet their goals and be more attractive to potential acquirers or ventures.

Cost reductions

For businesses, reducing costs does not have to entail reducing service offerings, lowering quality, or laying off staff. Big Change can help businesses find solutions to high costs that can still empower businesses to move forward toward growth, opportunities, and success.

Big Change starts with a thorough review of detailed P&L statements, balance sheets, and cash flow. Big Change then creates strategies that have immediate bottom line impact without significantly impacting revenues and brand.

Corporate Repositioning

As businesses grow and evolve, they must be nimble to respond to challenges and take advantage of opportunities. At times it is necessary to reposition businesses to appease stakeholders, enter new markets, and continue being solvent.

Big Change helps business explore repositioning strategies to achieve a wide range of goals:

  • Keep product costs low in order to retain customers
  • Retain key business partners involved in new “go to market” strategies
  • Reduce costs
  • Liquidate assets
  • Optimize net new investments