Introducing “Believe in Big Change”

Big Change Advisors was founded to help businesses create Big Change for their bottom line, while creating a Big Change for society.

Through Big Change Advisors, I donate my time and fees to a 501(c)3 determined by my client and me.

In addition, in furthering my commitment to raising awareness and helping people address issues surrounding homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse, I am also turning my attention to my new venture.

Please follow me to Believe in Big Change.

Thank you,

Steve Pomeroy


Expert strategies and start-to-finish solutions

• Revenue and profit
• Savings and cost-efficiencies
• Greater market share


Improved ROI and corporate responsibility

• No-cost charitable giving
• Tax-incentives
• Lasting, effective philanthropy


Seasoned insights from consultation to closing

• Over 20 years of transactions
• Established relationships
• IT, finance, and operations