About Big Change

As a unique M&A advisory firm, Big Change is about Big Change. We help position businesses for big success – increased growth and revenue, improvedcost-efficiencies, and a greater market share.

Since 1992, Big Change leaders have completed over 35 transactions including M&A, Capital Sourcing, and Public Offerings representing over $800 million in total transaction value.

At the same time, Big Change gives businesses an opportunity to create big social change through philanthropy and corporate responsibility.

Through an innovative arrangement with each client, a percentage of fees paid to Big Change Advisors can go directly to support the 501(c)3 organization of the client’s choice.

This empowers businesses to meet their goals for revenue, growth, and operations. They can also increase their charitable giving without increasing their cash outflow.

Big Change is effective altruism for businesses that want to invest not only in their ROI, but also in long-term social change.

Big Change Expertise

For over five decades, the team at Big Change has helped businesses large and small reach their goals, building synergies and uncovering opportunities to drive value.

The Big Change team has transformed business models and managed
companies to profitability through industry turmoil, and onward to meet or
exceed Wall Street expectations.

Businesses turn to Big Change for expertise in:
• Organic and inorganic growth
• Immediate profit improvement
• Cost reduction
• Earnings growth strategies
• Contract negotiations

Big Change Network and Relationships

With Big Change Advisors, businesses can build overarching synergy and cohesion into all aspects of their enterprise.

Big Change Advisors has long-standing relationships with national and international investors, banks, and financial specialists, providing a network of resources for seamless transactions and overall value.

Stephen E. Pomeroy, Founder and CEO

Steve PomeroySteve has been the point person for dozens of M&A and financial transactions over the last 18 years, bringing a valuable perspective as a former CEO, COO, and CFO and as a hands-on operations professional. He has helped clients achieve their business goals through mergers and acquisitions, cost reductions, and strategic planning.

He is known for providing customized in-depth financial and strategic analysis, identifying ideal transaction partners, structuring creative deals, and negotiating complex terms, helping businesses achieve both organic and inorganic growth.

His notable accomplishments in multiple executive roles at Pomeroy IT Solutions, include:

  • Created strategy to transform an existing reseller/PC integration model to that of a National Services Provider, increasing service revenues 78% to $250 million in 30 months.
  • Led restructuring of a “brick and mortar” business platform to a regional sales and delivery model that improved bottom line performance by over $3 million per year.
  • Executed growth through acquisitions strategy, driving earnings and revenue growth over 45% (compounded annually) and two stock splits.
  • Participated in two secondary follow-on public offerings that raised nearly $50 million in gross proceeds and provided access to capital for strategic acquisitions.
  • Developed a plan for growth through acquisitions, doubling markets through acquisitions and new branch start-ups and driving earnings and growth over 30%, compounded annually.

Steve also leads Believe in Big Change, a resource for people who are at various stages of addiction recovery. 

David B. Pomeroy, Business Development

David has 40 years of business experience at all levels of organizational hierarchy and has employed more than 2,500 people. He is the founder and former CEO of Pomeroy IT, a NASDAQ-traded company that received the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies award for the 1990s and generated annual revenues of approximately $1 billion.

As an award-winning executive leader, David has had three public offerings and has served on the advisory board for IBM, U.S. Bank, and Xavier University.

David is the author of Leadership In The Trenches: A Road Trip In Reality To Success. He is also a highly sought public speaker who donates his speaking fee to the Wounded Warrior Project.